Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Virgin Blogger - Here Goes Nothing...

Here it is, the dreaded first blog post. I’ve been so concerned with trying to think of what I can write in my first post that I came up with the innovative idea to write about writing my first post. (Don’t worry, I’ll stretch my creative juices a little further for the second.)

So I finished University three months ago now, and around January this year I was telling my friends how I couldn’t possibly book a summer holiday with them because: ‘well I don’t know what I might be doing once I finish uni in six months time, because I mean HELLO, I’ll have a degree, and I’ve spent three years of my life practically living in the library, writing until my hand was numb, thinking until my brain gave up and even crying a lot too and I mean, a degree, well it’s like, a big huge deal. Isn’t it?’

Not so much. 

Apparently, a lot of other people have them too.

And apparently, a lot of other people are looking for jobs as well.

And someone even told me that becoming the editor of Cosmopolitan isn't something that's just handed to you either!

But, as ever, I needn’t let my unemployed self give up all hope just yet because I’ve heard a little rumour that blogging is where it’s at for people like me. You know, for those trying to get themselves ‘out there’.

So, here I am, 'blogging'. ‘Entering the blogosphere’. ‘Getting my blog on’.  I can’t say I know what to expect, or even what to tell you to expect, other than maybe, just bare with me - please? I mean, I don’t want to beg (SERIOUSLY PLEASE!), but if you could just check out my blog on a regular basis, post a few nice comments and maybe even give me some feedback from time to time, that would be great. Actually, it’d be more than great, it’d be bloody brilliant.

And I promise, I even pinky promise, to absolutely return the favour without fail J.


  1. I'll be following you Soph! on! :-)
    Nati x

  2. Thanks Nat! I didn't know you had one so I will now be sure to follow you too! :) x

  3. Aw hun we are all in the same boat! Good honest blog post :) not sure how to follow you on this blog thing though as I have just re-joined! x